Katherine Lee Identity
Katherine Lee everyday angels and other near-death experiences
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Xanthe Kittson Coven
Xanthe Kittson drown
2 images
Xanthe Kittson Fairytale
2 images
Xanthe Kittson Elven
4 images
Xanthe Kittson Coven; familiar
9 images
Lilian Smith Birtle Indian Residential School
6 images
Lilian Smith Love Thigh Self
Artswork Resources Instant Coffee
Artswork Resources Node: Curatorial Studies Online
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Tae Lee Surveillance
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Tae Lee Artcle 11& 13
Tae Lee Latex
Tianna Barton still from The Doritos Piece
Tianna Barton Pysanky Easter Eggs
Tianna Barton Vessel II
Tianna Barton The Diaries Piece
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Deniz Bilgin Studies
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Deniz Bilgin Character Design
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Molly Bertheaud Fashion and textile
29 images
Molly Bertheaud Paintings
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Molly Bertheaud Illustrations
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Molly Bertheaud Knitted tapestries of 2017
Small Business Resources.pdf
Artswork Resources Small Business Resources.pdf
Artswork Resources D-CoopInformationForStudents.pdf
Molding into femininity
Eva Fernandez Ojeda Molding into femininity
5 images
Joshua Ralph Sketches (WIP)
Joshua Ralph Character design render
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Eva Fernandez Ojeda Emily Carr Students' Union chalkboard