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Weiwei Wu Felt needled fruit brooches
Maria-Margaretta Boucher From Her Hands
Maria-Margaretta Boucher Elbows Off The Table
Maria-Margaretta Boucher At The Time We Thought No One Would Know
Tyler Wright Land Map 1
Tyler Wright All Seeing Eye
Tyler Wright Mystical Door
Carollyne Yardley Symbiogenetic Weave, Beacon Hill Park (Fall), Victoria BC, 9″ x 11″ x 2.5″, peafowl feathers, squirrel hair, Garry oak tree branches, human hair, salt and Borax crystals, string, yarn, tulle, wool, 2019.
Ashlee Hick Tropical jacket
Khushboo Vansia Block making
Khushboo Vansia Tie and Dye
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Weiwei Wu Sunny Goodbyes
5 images
katie moerman Artificial
Leila Berg Embroidered Garden
2 images
Carlos Monsalve Y A K U
Kaitlyn Beugh OB in Space
6 images
Kaitlyn Beugh Woven Sculptures
4 images
Kaitlyn Beugh Cozy Bricks
6 images
Kaitlyn Beugh Symmetry
6 images
Kaitlyn Beugh Anthropologie Spring/ Summer Window Display 2017
6 images
Kaitlyn Beugh Fallen Web
34 images
Chelsea Bell Eady Uppymama Ltd Textile Design
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