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Karsen Seel Online Tesla Marketplace - UI Design
8 images
Karsen Seel Mediguide - Designing for Low Bandwidth
16 images
Karsen Seel Junkiverse - Exploring Virtual Reality Design
Taylor Facca Fever Dreams, Album Cover
8 images
Taylor Facca Typography Safari
Taylor Facca Fever Dreams, Album Promo
Taylor Facca Leaky Faucet
Taylor Facca Tree Face, Self Portrait
Taylor Facca Typographic Communication
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Taylor Facca Placard
Taylor Facca Idioteque, Radiohead
Taylor Facca The Rememberer
Taylor Facca 3 Word Manifesto Project
Taylor Facca "What do you mean Art School?"
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Joshua Louie Primary
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Joshua Louie 01.04.19
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Joshua Louie Neon
9 images
Joshua Louie Entanglement
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Joshua Louie SmartClock
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Joshua Louie Comb-unity
10 images
Joshua Louie FinBit
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Joshua Louie Save-On Foods Re-design
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Danika Oystrek design for biodiversity
Alder, Budd & Seel 1Back to Nature: Examining the Potential for Degrowth at Emily Carr University of Art & Design Sam Alder, Connor Budd & Karsen Seel Emily Carr University of Art & Design SOCS-309-F002 December 11, 2019
Karsen Seel SAlderCBuddKSeel_SOCS309_BacktoNature(FinalPaper).pdf
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Karsen Seel Facial Recognition Developing Artificial Intelligence
Consuming Consuming Consuming
Georgina Hawitt Consuming Consuming Consuming
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Georgina Hawitt Paintings
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Tajliya Jamal Illustration
12 images
Rowan Doucette Drawings from 2019
Miranda Hendrickson Lemon Whisperer
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